20" Aqua Clip In Extensions

20" Aqua Clip In Extensions


Aqua Clip In Extensions 20"

Aqua Hair Extensions offer the best Remy clip-in hair extensions on the market. Once you start using our clip in extensions, you will feel the volume and quality that only we can offer at Aqua Hair Extensions.
Wanting our hair to be better, longer, more colorful and more voluminous is always on our minds. Thankfully our hair can have human clip in hair extensions that will perfect the look that we are dying to have. With our remy hair clip in extensions, you can have the quality of great hair with the economy of doing it whenever you want. They only take minutes to insert and seconds to take out.
Make sure to find the color that fits best with you or your client before you buy. No one wants to be setting up and begin to clip in remy human hair extensions only to find out that it just doesn’t work with their skin tone.
When you make the transition to Aqua Hair Extensions, you will know that we are the best the business has to offer. Our 100% human clip in hair extensions are some of the best the business has to offer, and our selection will make you and the client very happy.

Aqua Clip-In Hair Extensions are made with 100% human remy hair. * 20" Long * 7 PCS (100 grams, Full Set) *



:2 X 3″ PCS (with 2 clips each

)2 X 5″ PCS (with 3 clips each

)2 X 7.25″ (with 3 clips each)

1 X 10″ (with 4 clips)
ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Due to State and Federal Health Department Regulations on the sale of wigs and hair additions,the following policies must be enforced.