Rejuvenol® Complex Kit

Rejuvenol® Complex Kit

Rejuvenol Complex Kit

Rejuvenol Complex Anti-Aging Anti-Thinning Hair System is a synergistic regimen of products for fine and thinning hair that combines gentle cleansing with scalp treatment and therapy products in advanced formulations that improves the scalp’s environment and sustains younger-looking, thicker-looking hair.

Our vitamin-enriched formulations strengthen hair and follicle to reduce breakage and combat excess hair loss. The shampoo gently cleanses the hair and scalp and freeing the follicle while the treatments provide a true synergistic effect by stimulating microcirculation by bringing oxygen and nutrients to the scalp. Increased oxygenation has been proven to stimulate cellular activity while the increased blood flow carries away toxins and reduces inflammation.

Using a unique liposome-based delivery system to deliver the natural, herbal and plant-derived Rejuvenol® Complex, Rejuvenol® Complex Anti-Aging Anti-Thinning Hair System works to neutralize and remove toxins and excess androgens such as DHT from the scalp, while delivering vitamins and micro-nutrients to the follicles..

For both men and women as a preventive measure against the possibility of excessive hair loss while amplifying hair texture.